How to use Cake Decorating Tips

Girls Decorating a Cake

You can make lots of cupcakes and designs by using two cake decorating tips.  The round tip and the star tip. I have written a post about the star tip and a post about the round tip. How to Use a Round Cake Decorating Tip How to use a Star Decorating Tip Here are a […]

How to Use a Pastry Bag and Couplers

If you are new to cupcake decorating, you will need to learn how to use a pastry bag and couplers. I have included two youtube videos at the end of this post that explain how to use pastry bags and couplers. Pastry Bags There are two different types of pastry bags that you can use. […]

How to Decorate Cupcakes for Beginners

There are so many great cupcakes that you can decorate, using simple cake decorating tools. You don’t need lots of training and you don’t need to be an expert.  Some simple tools can get you started. Beginning Cupcake Decorating  Frosting Here is a great recipe for buttercream frosting. Cake Decorating Bags- How to use a […]

Cupcake Icing Recipe

Cupcake Icing Recipe

My Favorite Cupcake Icing Recipe This is a buttercream recipe that I adapted from the Wilton Cake Decorating class that I took with my daughter many, many years ago.  I changed it up for the best flavor and consistency.  I went all out and made a video about how to make the icing.  I added […]

How to Use Gel Food Coloring

The best way to add color to your cupcake frosting is to use gel food colors.  If you use liquid food colors, the frosting will get too thin. If you use gel food colors your frosting consistency will stay the same.  I have only used Wilton gel packs.  I haven’t used any other brand, so […]

Easy Cupcake Decorating Ideas


These cupcakes are easy to decorate and don’t need any decorator bags or tips or homemade frosting. Click on the picture or the link to go to the recipe page. Here are your easy cupcake decorating ideas: Snowman Cupcakes You can skip making your own frosting and buy a can of vanilla frosting instead.   Christmas Cupcakes  […]

How to Transport Cupcakes Safely


Have you ever baked cupcakes to take to a party and then wondered how you were going to transport them while they remained intact? Have you ever put them on a dinner plate covered them with aluminum foil and hoped for the best only to find out that the frosting stuck to the foil and […]